What materials can you engrave? The answer is, most metals, plastic, wood, some resins, leather or leatherette, glass, most crystal, and, acrylic. We engrave quite a bit of jewelry, but, we are not set up to engrave inside of rings. We can engrave rings on the outside, bracelets, necklaces, and watches etc. Some of Jackson’s local jewelers have sent us engraving work and Macys as well.

Do we engrave on Bibles? While we can engrave on a leather Bible cover, engraving is not normally what you are looking for. Most Bibles have the gold leaf embossing. We are not set up for that service. Engraving in leather will show up in black letters, so it does not show up well on black leather.

Are we able to make signs? Yes, so long as they are no bigger than 32″ x 20″, the size of our laser bed.

Do we engrave with raised letters? Engraving takes away material with lettering and graphics. Raised letters are created through the casting process. We are a provider of cast aluminum and bronze plaques which have the raised letters. We order that work out through a particular vendor, but you, the customer, never deal with anyone but us.

Check out our Gallery for examples of our work and pictures inside of our store. Feel free to ask questions or post comments on the Home Page, and we will respond as quickly as possible.